About Robin F. David

Robin F David, is a speaker, coach, bestselling author, and the founder of the non profit organization—The Golden Foundation. She has expertise in areas of Leadership Development, Public Speaking and Coaching. Robin is a trailblazer when it comes to teaching women about self-care and self-love. She calls it “Sacred Balance”. Robin is known to be the healing and wholeness activator by developing a reputation as the source for invaluable self-care techniques and spiritual guidance.

Having deep passion for elevating women through empowerment was naturally created from Robin’s personal healing journey of childhood trauma, abandonment, rejection, blame and abuse. She draws upon her first-hand experience and knowledge to help women live in their truth and full potential. Additionally, she also provides coaching on issues surrounding loss, grief, relationships, and brokenness.

"I had to restore, renew, and reinvent myself after experiencing trauma from loss, grief and brokenness." - RFD

Robin hopes to further expand the beliefs on the importance of embracing transformation as a necessary tool to go beyond present circumstances. Her team works closely with clients to help them better understand how inward transformation can positively impact every area of their being to achieve a healthier, happier and more productive life.