At Robin F. David, we want you to be the best you can be. To achieve this, we have focused our platform on helping women improve professionally while learning how to maintain balance in their everyday lives. Whether you hold a high position in corporate America, run your own business, lead your congregation in spiritual matters or guide your community in charitable endeavours; we understand you face a unique set of challenges and we are here to help. We help you pursue greatness and lead a balanced life in this unbalanced world through a commitment to helping you dig deeper so you can go higher.

We offer you Purpose, Destiny, and self-confidence while helping you design a new plan to happiness, wholeness and a fulfilled life. We Blog to Heal!

The Robin F. David provides Corporate Training, Life Coaching, Inspirational Speeches / Workshops, and Luxury Spa Retreats that highlight the following concerns…and more!

  • The Core Values of A Great Leader
  • Relationships
  • Change Beyond The Pain
  • Transforming Your Thoughts
  • Self-Awareness / Self Esteem
  • Pain-Power-Purpose

These teachings focus on several aspects of your life, including:


Here, we help you understand that healing requires acknowledgment of a High Power and Source of Healing called Yahuah / The Creator (or whatever name you use to identify God) and reconnecting with your spirituality.


Learning to stop the negative chatter, how to create statements, affirmations or mantras for your daily practice. We also help you release past memories while learning to forgive yourself and others.


This teaching involves daily meditation, breathing while still and quiet, elevating your nutrition and creating a fitness plan for an improved lifestyle. We also provide self-care tips to create a sacred balance in your life.

Speaking Engagements

Are you scared of speaking in public? Is public speaking one of your biggest challenges in life? Then you will love what this service offers.

I facilitate introductory speech engagement classes that are dedicated to helping people with low or inadequate self-esteem, including those suffering from grief and depression. Whether you’re male or female, this service will surely help you live a more fulfilled life by healing your past wounds and helping you become restored with new beginnings and further enhance your social skills.

How does this work?

The class is aimed to help clients learn how to tap into their spirit, mind, and body by being attentive to their inner selves. This winning strategy makes the healing process faster ensuring you are restored to place of peace and happiness.


Robin F David- Inspiring you to embrace Love and Nurture yourself and Others.