Although launched in ( ), the idea of the Healing Gathering Organization was planted years ago. Driven by the aim of empowering women, our founder, Robin F. David recognized a common theme which appeared in the majority of her work. She noticed in error individuals will consistently try to prove themselves successful based on societal standards when pain has no respect of person. This hinderance creates a brick wall which has kept most individuals from embracing transformation and excelling beyond their circumstances.

With these challenges in mind, The Healing Gathering idea was birthed with a commitment to helping clients realize that transforming their lives begins within. Through this platform, we teach our clients that once transformation has taken place on the inside, success has already been achieved. However, we don’t stop there!

We help our clients see how inward transformation has a positive impact on every facet of their life. This is what living a healthier, happier and more vibrant life is about. We are not only concerned about our client’s dreams and goals. We are concerned about our client’s lives.