Like many others, I’ve encountered challenges that seemed intent on blocking my progress. Despite the challenges, I learned firsthand that intention, integrity, faith, and purpose were key elements to success. I am grateful for how my experiences have shaped who I have become today. These experiences have been a driving force helping me educate, inspire, encourage and extend guidance to you, with the hope that you will be able to soar above any challenge you may encounter.

My hope is that I will inspire you to live your life “On Purpose” and not haphazardly. I am excited about what life has to offer and I want you to be excited too! Strong winds may seek to distract you and steer you off course, but it is important to remain steadfast and focused. I am convinced your life will become more enriched once you connect with us.

Hence, The HEALING GATHERING is an intimate healing circle for women looking to live to their fullest potential. The platform is designed to help women understand that healing emotionally requires a renewal of thoughts, inner conversation with self and former perceptions about oneself and others. So, are you ready for…Self-love, Self-Confidence, Forgiveness, and Empowerment?

Join us on this journey, be blessed and remember to live your life…ON PURPOSE!

Robin David

Are you ready for…Self-love, Self-Confidence, Forgiveness, and Empowerment? – Robin David